Social Bookmarking with Delicious

TRT Delicious Resource Page

Who should register? Teachers
Does the site require an email address to browse websites on the site? No, anyone can view public pages.
Does the site require an email address to create an account? Yes, you must have an account to create a site.
Are there privacy settings available? Yes.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Highlights of Delicious

  • Access all your favorite webpages from any computer linked to the internet.
  • Load Delicious on all the computers you use and add tags at anytime.
  • Tag your sites to stay organized.
  • Share your hyperlinks with others.
  • Make your site public or private.
  • See how many others have your favorite site(s) loaded.
  • Find helpful sites to use with the curriculum you teach within Delicious

As an instructor, how can Delicious be helpful to you and your students?

  • A great tool for sharing lists of web sites.
  • Keep track of bookmarks for yourself.
  • Create lists of relevant links for your students (and share them!)
  • See what other people are bookmarking.

Delicious uses folksonomy, or tagging, for tracking, grouping, and searching bookmarks. Folksonomy is a user-generated taxonomy used to categorize and retrieve Web pages, photographs, Web links and other web content using open ended labels called tags. It improves searches by allowing users to label information with their own language.

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