Free Online Tools to Use in the Classroom

HippoCampus - - Supplemental teaching materials for subjects you teach. You can set up your own page with content that applies to what your students are learning about.

An example of how a high school teacher is using this - Once you get to the website, click on the link for Supplementary Course Materials from HippoCampus.

MyStudiyo - - Create quizzes for your website or blog.

An example of a quiz created in MyStudiyo. The html was copied and pasted in a widget on this page.

Ask500People - - Gather input and opinion data within minutes. More suited for higher level ed, due to some of the questions and content. You can take a survey and have students see if there is a difference in answers or opinions from around the world. (Graphing, Geography, Cultural differences, etc.)

Note: For safety and protecting against some inappropriate questions and content, you can embed a widget onto your blog, site, or wiki with a Google Map API key. You can get this key from Google when you sign up for a Google account. (free)

Check out this poll about Wikipedia and vote yourself - Click here to vote whether you trust Wikipedia or not.

Quizlet - - Tool for learning vocab - Flashcards, games, tests to help you study. Make your own study guide, use other study guides, or create study groups. There are different ways this site quizzes you - Familiarize, Learn, Test, and Game Choices. Note: You can only use the Learn section if you have signed up for an account.

Try out a Web 2.0 Terms quizlet session -

PM Sample - Check out how this teacher uses Quizlet to help students study the capitals ****

Blabberize - - Create an animated talking image. A microphone is needed! You can embed this into your website, wiki, or blog.

Use Blabberize to explain a concept, information or persuade - See how this teacher uses Blabberize to help student explain what they've learned about Presidents. - ****

Gliffy - - Create and share professional looking diagrams, flowcharts, etc.

Sample - ****

Mindmeister - - Online mind mapping

Sketchcast - - Record a sketch with voice or without and share with others on your blog or site.

See how math is using this tool -

PM Sample - ****

Link to PM Samples -