What is a Customized Start Page?

A personalized home page in which the user can customize content from the web easily and quickly. RSS feeds, gadgets, and widgets that are of interest to you can all be incorporated into your start page.

Highlights of a Customized Start Page

  • Saves time - You no longer will waste time typing in web addresses you use on a daily basis.
  • Helpful - As content you are interested in is updated, your customized start page is updated. The information comes to you.
  • Include gadgets, sites, weather, news feeds, and information that are important to you at your fingertips everytime you open Internet Explorer.

Create Your Own Customized Start Page Using Pageflakes


Pageflakes Tutorial -

Pageflakes in Education Create your own personalized home page on the Web. Your favorite news, weather, sports, entertainment, photos, videos, music, email and much more – all on one page that you can access from anywhere. You can collaborate on your page with your friends, or publish it to the entire world. This educational version of Pageflakes removes the "Random Pageflakes" link from the page.

Who should register? Teachers, Students
Does the site require an email address to view the customized start pages? No.
Does the site require an email address to create an account? Yes.
Are there privacy settings available? Yes. You can keep it private, publish to the world, or publish to a group.

Secondary Science Example

Professional Development Example - RSS feeds for staying up-to-date with what is happening in educational research

Elementary Classroom Example

Math Example

Basic Example

You can theme your Pagecasts to apply to the subjects you teach. Below is a screenshot of a Pagecast that has RSS feeds and pictures that apply to Astronomy.


Screencasts (Video Tutorials) for Pageflakes - Pre-recorded by Cristina Runkles